CSX sold my property to Florida Department of Transportation

without a deed, May 11, 1988.  I have the deed and pay the property taxes.  Documents will be posted that uncover the fraud.

South Florida Tri-Rail Commuter

Train Crosses My Property Daily

Tired of Being Railroaded by Corrupt Governmental Agencies and Politicans

Rosa Lee Holmes, who is 77 years old is in bankruptcy and  foreclosure because the Department of Justice, Federal Lands Acquisition Office will not release the money needed to save her home and improve her overall quality of life.  This is money owed to her for the use of her land.  Considering Ms. Holmes age this can be called elder abuse by the government.  Under the US Constitution, the Fifth Amendment, Presidential Executive Orders 12360 and 13406 provides that private property shall not  be taken for public use without just compensation.  I am asking President Obama to enfore these orders that protect my rights as a US Citizen.

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The conspiracy to take Ms. Holmes land began in 1983 when the Florida Department of Transportation begin its planning for a regional commuter rail service which is now known as South Florida Regional Transportation Authority "Tri-Rail Commuter Train."  The govermental agencies that have been involved in violating my rights are: the Federal Department of Transporation, the State of Florida, the County of West Palm Beach, the City of West Palm Beach, planning councils and community organizations.


The Holmes family has owned the property located at 1112 13th Street, West Palm Beach Florida  since 1944.  Due to the Jim Crow Laws that were enforced against the family they never received the compensation that non-black landowners along the railroad received.  This injustice has carried on to the present and the family has been denied due process multiple times as the City of West Palm Beach and the County.  In 1988 Palm Beach County expanded service along the railway to include Tri-Rail Commuter Service which expanded the easement from 100 feet to 140 feet, again without providing the Holmes family due process that is guaranteed to each U.S. Citizen through the Constitution and Executive Order 12360 and 13406.


The City of West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County and even the Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of West Palm Beach used its police powers to illegally condemn the property causing the Holmes family to demolish the rental properties, denying her the right to earn an income.  Throughout this entire process the Rosa Holmes has been required to maintain the barren property and to pay the property taxes to both the City of West Palm Beach and to Palm Beach County for a property that was never properly compensated nor notified of its illegal condemnation without any monies being exchanged for the property.  The illegal condemnation of Ms. Holmes’ property has never been investigated by the Federal Department of Justice.  Despite their infringements, the city, county and state of Florida has deferred this case to the Department of Justice, Federal Lands Acquisition Office for payment to Ms. Holmes.

On the map below you can see where the train tracks cross Ms. Holmes property.  She is not allowed to set foot on the property.
This Tri-Rail Commuter Train  crosses Ms. Holmes property on a daily basis without compensating her.

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